My letter in the Los Angeles Times.

To the editor: Your articles have mentioned the effect this ban may have on teaching hospitals and training new physicians.

I am a resident physician at Yale-New Haven Hospital and I train alongside Syrians, Iranians and other immigrants. Let me be clear: They make American healthcare better. America’s finest hospitals rely on the brightest doctors from around the world. In pathology, my field of medicine, more than half of all new residents went to medical school outside the U.S.

This policy is deleterious to American healthcare but also has a human cost. Some of my colleagues have spouses working in other countries. They may no longer be able to see them under this ban. Other immigrant residents fear they too may be the next victims of an executive order.

It pains me to watch my colleagues, as well as my patients, suffer under this anti-immigrant agenda of the White House.

Benjamin Mazer, MD, New Haven, Conn.